E-Trust Seals in Spain

A 19 junio 2013, en LSSI, Noticias, por Juan Ignacio Matamoros

Besides a media, Internet is a vast market platform accessed by millions of people. And even today, when the sales trough Internet are over 14% of total sales by Spanish companies, it´s a business opportunity.

If in a previous post “Selling through Internet” we did an analogy between traditional and E-commerce. In this one we highlight one of the most crucial elements for the success of the bid for Electronic Commerce: E-trust, or rather guarantees perceived by consumers in their purchasing and contracting, or just browsing, Internet . The more E-trust our site generates the more sales potential.

One of the main tools for generating E-trust in Spain is the «public trust online distinctive», whose requirements and grant procedure by the regional autorithies are regulated in Royal Decree 1163/2005. Always, on the basis of legal compliance, LOPD (Personal Data Protection) and LSSI-CE (E-commerce and Information Society Services) fundamentally, entities who want to show an E-trust seal on their websites must adhere to any of the codes of conduct approved by the Instituto Nacional de Consumo.

Codes of conduct or ethical codes that the website owner is committed to respect in order to build confidence and provide concrete guarantees to its users, such as the provision of a system of dispute resolution between client and service provider of the information society . Likewise. compliance with the Code of Conduct will be evaluated independently to verify compliance with the obligations assumed, with a system configured as a deterrent sanction.

 Here we relate some seals and guidance on cost as we have seen in the different spanish websites:

Confianza on-line. From 295 euros + VAT

Qweb. Free

Verisign [1]. Between 349 and 1299 euros + VAT

I am pleased to announce that Totaldat has begun the process of obtaining a distinctive «public trust online».

As always, if you want further information you can contact us by the usual means.

[1] The seal provided by Verisign is ensuring that the website meets certain technical or safety conditions


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